Abby Fung

  • IGCSE / GCSE / GCE / IB / DSE Biology
  • Zoom Tutorial/Face to Face Tutorial in Prince Edward, HK

Abby Fung is a graduate of the BSc in Biological Science at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). She has previously worked as a teacher at a secondary school and is familiar with both local and UK high school Biology syllabus.

Having taught Mathematics and Science subjects at different tutoring centers, she has successfully helped students improve their academic performance.

Her teaching methodology incorporates visualization to help students grasp scientific concepts with ease. She also employs activity-based teaching to enhance students’ interest in science. Her comprehensive notes and sample questions cater to students’ learning needs and aid them in mastering answering techniques and overcoming challenging questions.

She offers not only academic enrichment but also remedial support in both English and Chinese.

Her local students are from Diocesan Boys’ School, Wah Yan, St. Paul Convent, VSA etc.

Her oversea students are from Stephen Perse Foundation, Woldingham School, etc.